2019-2020 | Custom software, inkjet fine art print on cotton paper, bleached Toulipier wooden frame, museum glass
Selected work

Nowadays, remarking the centrality of environmental issues and consequently reflecting on the importance of plants for life is nearly futile. Technological innovation and digitalisation are able to bring out details which went unnoticed to botanists’ eyes until recently. In 2020, the plant world still houses unknown species, or characteristics and behaviours to reconsider, that represent fields of opportunities for scientific progress. Photosynthesis is a series of works that creates a visual dialogue between plant and digital worlds: apparently distant, but reciprocally influenceable. Technology is engaged in the compositional process as a tool for scanning and representing nature. The subject of the composition is obtained through the elaboration of a scanned photogrammetry of a plant. The elaboration is made by an ad-hoc self-made software and it generates a visual restitution of tridimensional scanned data, whose intent is to overcome photographic image through overlays and transparencies of million of points; changing itself the image of the flower into a cells’ system, points clouds that show the subject. The lines reveal the connections between the cells of the same or other plants thus highlighting the system that characterizes them, a distributed and not a centralized system like the human one. The portrayal of links evokes cosmos, constellations, space. Plants as an engine of our planet able to transform solar energy into nutrient for life.

Phytosynthesis – Cirsium eriophorum, 2019
110×89,5×5,5 cm | 43¼ x35¼x21¼ inches UNIQUE

Phytosynthesis – Nerium oleander Jannoch, 2019
110×89,5×5,5 cm | 43¼ x35¼x21¼ inches UNIQUE

Phytosynthesis – Verbascum thapsus, 2020
110×89,5×5,5 cm | 43¼ x35¼x21¼ inches UNIQUE