2020 | Dry leaf, video (color, silent)
7’00”, loop | Variable size

“The plant is the connecting link between the earth and the sun” – Kliment Timiryazev.
Phyllon (φ́λλον) is the Ancient Greek word for “leaf” or something resembling a leaf. Phyllon is a project that explore photosynthesis process. A sequence of moving image presenting how the plant, trough chlorophyll, is able to convert sun light into chemical energy allowing life on our planet. Macro photography captures detailed images of leaves, an Ai algorithm detects the average colour of the image. This colour is used to process each pixels that composes the image, from lightest to darkest, to show how the light hits the leaf and becomes vital energy. Phyllon show this process from macro to micro system as well as from landscape to cell, through continuous breathing cycles.