Roots | Av

  • 2021 | Real-time sound & video projection Full-HD, audio speakers, laptop
    30′ | Variable size

The performance Roots is structured on a cyclical, sensory flow of sounds and images. Four acts, supported by four moving images, guide us through the orderly complexity of the natural landscape, its deep and dark hollows, its bright and blooming cutouts.

Death, decomposition, birth, life.

The redundant spectrum of lights and sounds, synthesized through algorithm, aims to bring the audience into a meditative, primitive state and make them perceive the different layers that make up the computational landscape. From the perception of the whole to the single detail, the performance Roots is a call to the earth, to the roots, as a symbol hidden from the eyes of the complexity of nature.

  • Visuals & sound diagrams

    Partitura #01