Stefano Caimi
1991 born in Merate, Italy
Lives and works in Milan (It)

His work lies on a boundary domain between digital and natural world. He focuses on researching equilibrium points between these two elements through mixed disciplines. He investigates relationship among art, new media, technology and science. Custom software coding, botany and data analysis become an integral part of the composition process. He uses 3d scanning, data and programming as hyper tools to explore reality. His research is closely linked to mathematics and coding, as well as random and self-organising structures. The representation is synthetic, distinguished by its hybrid aesthetics.


since 2019 _ Teaching Computer Art, (NABA) New academy of fine arts, Milan.
2016 _ Master degree in sustainable Architecture, Polytechnic of Turin.
2014 _ Bachelor degree in Architecture, Polytechnic of Milan.

Solo exhibitions

2019 _ Phytosynthesis, Xjtlu University, Suzhou, Curated by Juan Carlos dall’Asta.
2018 _ Migro, Parco del Monte Barro, Distretto Culturale del Barro, Curated by Giorgio Meregalli.
2018 _ Paesaggi Frammentati, The Other Space, Milano, Curated by Cristina Trevia.
2018 _ Hybrid Age, Le Park, Milano, Curated by Sara Cattaneo.
2018 _ Oldness, That’s contemporary, Milano, Curated by Rosa Cascone.
2017 _ Simbiosi, Punto Arte, Monza.

Group exhibitions

2020 _ “..and thence we came forth to see again the stars”, The Flat Massimo Carasi, Milano.
2019 _ Premio Arte Cairo, Palazzo Reale, Milano.
2019 _ Welcome to the machine, Paratissima, Torino, Curated by Francesca Canfora.
2019 _ Naturale sintesi, Milano, Curated by EVASTOMPERStudio.
2018 _ Serate Illuminate, PAC180, Livorno, Curated by Riccardo Bargellini.
2018 _ Frammenti di Simbiosi, Angelo della Pergola, Milano.
2017 _ SIDE, Museo Giovio, Como.
2017 _ Pop my bling bling, The Flat – Massimo Carasi, Milano, Curated by Anni Wu.


2019 _ Phytosynthesis, Winner “Welcome to the machine” Paratissima, Torino.
2018 _ Migro, First prize “Arte e Natura”,Distretto Culturale del Barro.


2018 _ Centro Basaglia, PAC180, Livorno.