• 2022 | Real-time sound performance, analogue synthesizers & SuperCollider, audio speakers, laptop
    45' | Environmental dimensions

Analogue melodies and algorithmic sequences come together in Entwined, a sound performance by Stefano Caimi.
The composition Entwined is structured on an interweaving of sound patterns that give access to a secluded place, a nest, where one is invited to crouch, find ourselves and let loose. Everything that exists outside of it becomes a construct of the mind, thus feel free to explore the soundscapes you encounter. Feedback and synthetic notes, firmly anchored to the ground, slowly begin to levitate in the air, like particles within a system. A melodic, quantum, modular weave that generates full, rounded musical atmospheres in succession to minimal, synthetic and dry environments. Caimi plays with the listener’s perception of time, altering it by layering melodic patterns and modulating the rhythm pattern in real time.Between analogue and digital synthesis, chromatic and narrative sequences are generated under the composer’s careful control, leaving the listener free to wander and lose.

listen here