• Simbiosi – Landa Zero, 2016
    Custom software, photographic sheet paper, aluminium Nielsen frame, glass
    20 x 40 cm | 7 ¾ x 15 ¾ in – UNIQUE

Simbiosi project is an abstract representation of contemporary relationship between human and digital devices. It’s a coevolution that modify thought and data and the result is an unpredictable abstract form. Through software coding and its implementation with sensors, it was possible to collect data about real world, and transform them in to an abstract artwork. The first scape look like a flat landscape (Landa Zero) and only through human interaction with the device, software generates compositional variations in the landscape (Landa uno, quattro, sei, otto, nove). The generative landscape is then transferred on photographic paper by a hand-made development with brush. Halos and imperfections on each Simbiosi artwork, generated from developer liquids, underline the difference between human action and digital accuracy. Data, human interaction, negative printing, hand made brush photographic development. The glass, reflecting the image of the observer, place human in a direct relation with Simbiosi. Digital device gives back and the human interprets. Matter shows the light, symbiosis composes the shape.