• Phytochronos, 2022
    Natural wood, Solenoid valves, iron, arduino
    Environmental dimensions

“Preface: dendrochronology is a science that studies the correlations between the annual growth of trees and climatic factors.”

A large clock marking time, a tale of the past written in trees. Phytochronos is a sound art installation that restores the development of plants in the form of sound. The installation cycle is structured on a database provided by the NOAA Paleoclimatology Program, the result of the analysis of Quercus pubescens trees over a period of 100 years. The soundscape is articulated on the basis of the inserted data, composed of a sequence of 12 strokes that gradually passes from one year to the next.
The rhythmic scansion becomes space and aims to alter the perception of time of the visitor during his stay in the installation environment. A fluid, almost imperceptible beat, like a metronome, that marks the writing of the time of the plants.