Post fata resurgo

  • Post fata resurgo, 2021
    Carbonized trunk (White Hornbeam), copper galvanized mushrooms (Tremetes versicolor)
    38 x 325 x 40 cm & 45 x 262 x 40 cm | 15 x 128 x 15 ¾ & 17 3⁄4 x 103 1⁄2 x 15 3⁄4 in

The sculpture consists of a charred white hornbeam trunk, visually neutral, opaque black, which becomes fertile ground for blooming fungi’s families. With the support of researchers from Centro Studi per l’Ambiente Alpino of San Vito di Cadore, the project analyses xylophagous fungi, (Trametes versicolor) as blooms of died tree. The mycetes used in the composition are treated with graphite-based, electro-conductive varnish and then stabilized by copper electrodeposition on organic matter. The title, motto of the phoenix, “post fata resurgo – after death I rise again” recalls the cyclic nature of mushrooms. The fruit, commonly called fungus, persists for a few days, unlike the vegetative apparatus, the mycelium, which lives for years.