• Phyllon #011 Hornbeam leaf - #016 Hazelnut leaf - #12 Hornbeam leaf, 2022
    Copper galvanized leaves, black glass, bleached fir wood shelf
    8 x 36 x 12,5 cm | 3 1⁄4 x 14 1⁄4 x 5 in

“Phyllon” is a series of work that explores the overthrow of time through matter. The piece of art seeks to reverse the natural process that occurs in plants during the autumn. The plants, by reducing the production of chlorophyll, change the hue coloring of leaves, form green to brown. The sculptures, through copper oxidation, overturn the process of chromatic alteration and consequently, of the cycle of nature: from fall to spring. Firstly characterised by autumn colours, it will tend to greenish tint. An auto generative process resulting from the reaction between metal, oxygen and other ambiance’s elements. The Artworks are made by galvanic electroplating. Each leaf is the result of a slow process of transformation of matter, form organic to metal. Tree, technique, matter and environment contribute to the composition of the works in a cycle of birth, death and regeneration.