• 2018-2019 | Data, branches and natural wood, elder and hawthorn plants
    500 x 500 x 70 cm | 196 ¾ x 196 ¾ x 27 ½ inches

A land art work which shows up a connection between humans and nature and generates a direct link to the Roccolo di Costa Perla (Montebarro, Galbiate – LC), a birds research center. Migro is a scape composed of three elements: birdsong, smell of plants and human’s designed geometry. It takes shape from a circumference that became three-dimensional according to Montebarro’s bird migration data. The shape represents the cyclical nature of things, a constant loop, the migration flows during the year. It is composed of small stumps and branches putted in the soil. In the northern part of the installation there are smallest stumps, that represent winter season. The highest point, on est and west, represents spring and autumn, the period of migration maximum flow. In the centre of Migro there is the attractor elements for the bird’s species: one plant of elder and one of hawthorn whose berries are a nutrition source for the birds. A synthetic artwork, integrated within the landscape, able to stimulate more than one.