• 2018 | Full-HD Video projection (Color, sound), audio speakers, laptop
    3′ 53″, loop | Variable size

A monolith is a single block of stone shaped and transported by time. Inorganic compounds in a continues journey. Natural landscapes – continuously changing – are accelerating their transformation due to human activity. A monolith represents a sign of landscape transformation, in a millennia, due to glaciers movement. Monoliti is an audiovisual work composed of several landscapes, that connects two distant worlds: nature and technology. Dots and lines underline how many different species coexist in that ecosystem. All these species are linked to each other in a impercettibile way, so fragile but fundamental for all the system. Through a visualisation of data from 3d scanning, it was possible to archive landscapes as they appeared in that moment. A work of art that shows details, changes and fragility of nature.